Taking Care.


How to ensure a long life for your piece of wearable art.

To keep your Jax and Co. piece looking as good as new follow these simple care instructions.

  •  The resin has a glass like quality and like glass it is prone to scratches if adequate care is not taken.
  • When not being worn, do not leave your jewellery in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Extreme heat may cause the resin to soften
  • The product has been sealed to be water resistant but should not be immersed in water or kept in high humidity; if it does get wet, immediately blot dry. Too much water may cause the wood to swell and to separate from the resin.
  • Avoid tugging or pulling on your necklace and take care when removing the backs of earrings.
  • Clean/Buff your product using a damp cloth, make-up removal wipe or a baby wipe. You may also use a dab of mineral oil sparingly to bring up the shine, though overuse will create an unsightly build-up.