Blue Swirl Pate Knife

Blue Swirl Pate Knife


This unique cheese knife is made from Australian, sustainably sourced White Mallee Burl timber. It has been cast; turned on a lathe and hand polished to finish.

  • 17cm long. The handles is 2.5 cm in diameter and the head is 2 cm wide. (approx.)

  • The head is stainless steel.

  • This item should never be placed in a dishwasher or allowed to soak in water. Wash with a wet cloth and dry immediately.

  • Buff the head of the servers with a soft cloth.

All products are designed and handcrafted by Jax in her South Australian studio.
Each piece is completely unique.

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Although resin is durable, it has glass like qualities and is prone to scratches, cracks or damage if adequate care is not taken. Do not drop onto a hard surface. Please keep pieces from prolonged direct sun exposure & do not submerge in water.

  • You will sometimes find bubbles in my jewellery-: I choose to leave some in as I love the added dimension and wonderful underwater feel they give my pieces. As each piece is handcrafted you also may find small holes or bumps on closer inspection.

  • If you would like a piece custom made with your chosen size, shape and colour; please get in touch - here. and we will work something out together.